2021 Brings Positive Results for the Croatia Marine Industry | Boris Miškić, GMBA-Croatia

Boris Miskic, newly appointed GMBA representative in Croatia provides a brief overview of the Croatian Industry advising that the Croatian market is starting to bounce back.

Croatia continues to be a significant player in the yacht charter business despite the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions that have operated in Europe.  The Croatian government has handled the crisis well with flexible and moderate epidemiological measures, balancing significant restrictions with free movement of people and like many countries working to keep their economy alive. Marinas in Croatia were open almost the entire time of the pandemic, with foreign and domestic ship owners and users having almost unimpeded access to their yachts and boats. Globally boating and yacht charter has been recognized and promoted as a safe and ideal way to spend vacation time with families.


Croatia Charter Fleet

The Croatian charter fleet has entered the 2021 season with approximately 950 agencies and with about 12% less yachts than in a year ago. However, it is reported that almost all yachts for July and August are fully booked and if there are no significant changes in the covid 19 pandemic situation a satisfactory financial result is expected. There is still considerable interest in the Croatian coast as a ‘home port’ destination for mega yachts, During the year 2020, 124 yachts longer than 45 meters entered Croatia, this is more than in  2019.


As far as marinas are concerned, with 82 marinas, there was an increase of 0.4% of vessels on a permanent, annual berth and there is still demand for free mooring berths. Currently, a large marina Polesana is under construction in Pula, and by the end of the year the development of new marinas in Lovište on Pelješac and a marina in Drage near Biograd are planned. Investors’ interest in this sector is not declining, and the development of the long-awaited new Porto Baroš marina in Rijeka is planned for next year.


Croatian small shipbuilding has suffered but manufacturers have managed to overcome most issues. Small domestic shipyards as well as representatives of foreign shipyards are now noticing increased interest from private clients in buying vessels. All global brands are present in the Croatian market and doing well. The main nautical fairs like elsewhere around the globe have been cancelled as was expected. The last organised exhibition in Biograd, in October, despite significant epidemiological measures, went well, showing how ‘tough’ and “flexible” the Croatian small boatbuilding sector is.


Large shipbuilding in Croatia, which was the world’s fourth largest shipbuilding country in the 1970s, has been burdened with significant problems for a long time, regardless of the Covid virus pandemic. A small number of these shipyards have been unaffected by covid as they are working on long-term and pre-agreed projects. Croatian manufacturers have been affected, as in most countries by the difficulties in the procurement of materials and equipment and through the instability of prices on the market. Shipyard Brodosplit in Split, which was included in MOSE (a project to save Venice from the effects of the tide), recently delivered the biggest new cruiser with square rigged sails. Big shipyard 3. Maj in Rijeka started to work again, and shipyards Tehnomont in Pula, Viktor Lenac in Rijeka, Kraljevica, Brodogradilište Betina, Servisni Centar Trogir and Iskra Brodogradilište Šibenik have undergone a transformation from the old fashion construction yards to the production of specialized boats and the reconstruction of larger yachts. Recently, Lurssen established a new design and engineering centre in Rijeka, and the Croatian industry is expecting this to have a very positive and significant influence on the whole nautical industry in Croatia.

Global markets are bouncing back making it extremely important for GMBA as a group of marine industry personalities to be strategically located around the globe, providing their knowledge, expertise and networks to various businesses and industry bodies.

All advisors have held long term senior positions in business and are all well known within their sphere of influence. The group offers experience in business development, marketing, export promotion, internal and external relations with governments and agencies, marinas and marina management, OEM manufacturing, after-market sales, plus general management principles to help drive successful businesses.

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Boris Miškić | GMBA,Croatia
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