GMBA Appoints Technical – Sustainability Expert

Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA) has grown considerably over the past 2 years having appointed 19 consultants across 18 countries. A key focus for the group has been in working with businesses in the marine sector who wish to expand their export markets. However, recently there has been increased enquiries regarding environmental and sustainability issues. This has led to the need for GMBA to offer greater technical expertise in these areas.

GMBA is excited by Albert Willemsen’s acceptance as the GMBA technical advisor on sustainability issues. Albert, well known to many in the marine industry, is a qualified engineer with significant capability in the superyacht and leisure marine sector.

YP Loke GMBA Singapore stated; “Albert is extremely well versed with all environmental matters affecting recreational marine – from anti-fouling, to end-of-life & recycling issues, to marina dredging, and invasive species dispersal, to name a few. His in-depth knowledge of recreational boating enables him to engage policymakers with practical and innovation solutions to meet the stricter demands in our ever-changing environmental policy landscape. He is the preeminent expert in his field, and we are honoured to have him on board GMBA”

Albert said; “It is a new chapter for me to be part of a growing group like GMBA.  The issues I have been working on for many years are very significant for GMBA clients and I look forward to being able to offer my technical expertise to support these businesses. “

Albert was ICOMIA’s environment and sustainability manager from 2005 until recently with a very strong focus on how the yachting industry impacts or benefits the environment and how it must comply with international sustainability legislations. Albert was involved in setting up the Environmental Committee and appointed as vice chair and later as chair. Albert was also involved in setting up the ICOMIA refit group, the applicators group and developing the paint guidelines for the industry.

Recent ICOMIA award winner Oscar Siches, GMBA Spain commented; “Albert has not only been the environment ambassador for ICOMIA, but the contact between ICOMIA, the European Environment Agency and the USA Environmental Protection Administration having achieved the harmonization of many environmental issues within and outside the nautical industry. He is a welcomed addition to our team.”

Jouko Huju, a key founder of GMBA and instrumental in bringing Albert into the group said; “I have known Albert since 1997, he is a worldwide renowned expert in a vast array of boating related environmental and sustainability issues. I am excited that Albert is joining GMBA. He will help us tackle a great number of difficult challenges our industry will inevitably face in the very near future”.

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