Yavuz Sipahi


Yavuz Sipahi started his illustrious career in the marine sector  52 years ago with a solid career in the Turkish Navy, retiring from active service as a staff commander in 1984.

He started his first boatbuilding firm in the Bodrum region, focusing mainly on the ever popular Turkish gullets. The company expanded to component manufacturing, yacht maintenance and refurbishment projects.

He joined Atakoy Marina in İstanbul as Technical Manager in 1989 where he was able to get first hand experience of marina management and maintenance.  Always eager to take on new challenegs, he later left to join BURLA group where he was  the General Manager for the Marine Division until his retirement in mid- 2020.

He has been an active part of numerous local and international industry bodies, and has served as board member and President on a number of occasions. His experience includes years of service in DENTUR /YATED, YATEF, ADF, DDD, DTO, TRYIAD in Turkey, ICOMIA.

Yavuz is excited about the myriad opportunities in the marine sector and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of business and industry leaders.

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